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Power of the Inner Light was created as a special space for anyone on their spiritual journey to discover their true self. We recognize that the time is right to share our collective knowledge and wisdom.  To help you reconnect with the Divine inner knowledge, wisdom, and clarity that each of you possesses and to connect with the widely growing spiritual family. Our goal and privilege are to offer support to each of you who seeks it.

Let us help you reconnect to your soul and live in the expansive truth of who you truly are as you come to understand the Power of your own Inner Light.

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Chakra Opening and Balancing

Through meditation, this ritual will provide you the ability to open, balance, and restore your entire energy body.

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Oracle Card Readings

Oracle cards are a tool that connects the reader to Spirit to help see the possibilities  for your life.. 


Distance Reiki Healing

Energy and Spirit go beyond time and space. Get a Reiki Healing in the comfort of your home. 

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Usui Reiki Ryoho 101

A Reiki practitioner channels life force energy through their hands and into the body of the client. Perhaps it is time for you to learn more about this powerful healing energy.


Live Channeling Session

Would you like to discover what information your Angels and Guides have for you? Experience a live, one-on-one, real-time Channeling Session with Liz Marcus


Channeled Letters from Spirit

Find out what the Angels and Spirit want you to know.  Submit three questions and receive your Letters from Spirit.  


Chakra Activations

Explore and practice the ritual of Chakra activations, and begin to experience more balance, healing and harmony

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Chakra Visualization

Through breathwork and meditation, we will visualize how to locate each Chakra and determine which one(s) needs extra attention to be cleared and balanced.

Blue Flowers

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Connecting with your Ancestors guided meditation with Liz Marcus

If you are wondering if our Ancestors and deceased loved ones communicate with us after they have passed on, then the answer is YES! Your Ancestors are always around us, giving us information. In this guided meditation we will take this opportunity to meditate and connect with our most loving, helpful Ancestors.

To see this and other guided meditation videos go to our Youtube channel.

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