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is a Spiritual teacher and channeler who has spent many years studying metaphysics and spirituality. Over the years she has benefited from the wisdom of her teachers but has found that the most effective method to enlightenment and understanding is learning that comes from within. In her workshops, Barbara guides her students to connect with Source and that inner knowing which is the wisdom we are all able to access. To find their own special gifts in a comfortable, nurturing, and welcoming atmosphere.

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Barbara Denson

Spiritual Teacher
Oracle Card Readings

Catherine Roig

Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner
Spiritual Teacher


 is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Spirit Channel who began her Spiritual and healing path more than 20 years ago. Gathering wisdom from a number of Spiritual mentors, she now provides tools for the transformation of challenging life situations. Her uplifting, compassionate and gentle approach allows others to recognize their own abilities and build a strong Spiritual foundation.

insights from Catherine

Spiritual healing is a path of transformation that addresses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual toxins.  It is a journey that connects the body, heart, and mind to free the soul.

A Spiritual healer is someone who can not only help themselves, but others, as well as the planet, to align in a way that the Divine truth is revealed. Following the path to the Blessing of the Divine Light will be made easier with the guidance of a Spiritual Healer Teacher.

It would be my honor to accompany you on the journey of freeing your soul by aligning and connecting YOUR body, mind, and heart.

In Love and Light,


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