Elizabeth (Liz) Marcus, is an Angel and Intuitive reader. Growing up as an only child, Liz would often go within to find her imagination which caused her to experience vivid dreams through her  young adulthood, which continue to this day.  

Always intrigued by the Supernatural, this became a reality for her as the Angels visited her in person months before a family crisis occurred. Attaining wisdom from her teachers and mentors, she learned to work with and expand her natural gifts.  


Elizabeth "Liz" Marcus

Co-owner of Power of the Inner Light

Liz feels that Self-Empowerment is important for us as life-long Spiritual learners. Connecting with Nature and the Divine within us is essential for our healing.


Liz’s credentials include:  Certified Angel Quest Practitioner, Priestess Rising initiate, Peacekeepers Shamanic Journeying Circle.


Elizabeth Marcus

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