Barbara Denson is a Spiritual teacher and channeler having spent many years studying metaphysics.  Of the wisdom she has gathered from her teachers she finds that the most effective method to understanding and inner knowing is the learning that comes from within.

Barbara guides her students to connect with Source and their Higher Power to find their own special gifts in a comfortable, nurturing and nonjudgmental atmosphere.


Barbara Denson

Co-owner/Co-founder of Power of the Inner Light 

Barbara's Offerings

Barbara offers workshops on:


  • Grounding - The importance of grounding and how that will help strengthen your connection to Source.


  • Holding Space - What does it mean to hold space for yourself and others. How will it help you to change your perspective on .....everything!


  • Channeling - Your spiritual team is always around you. Find out how to connect and receive messages. 


And more....

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