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Chakra services

Chakra Activation


Chakra, which comes from ancient Sanskrit, means "spinning wheel of light." The Chakra system is made of 7 main energy wheels that regulate our energetic bodies. 

Working with the Chakra system is an act of self-care. As you harness the timeless teachings, explore and practice the ritual of Chakra activations, you will begin to experience more balance, healing and harmony.

Through meditation, I will lead you through step-by-step activations to help each Chakra so that it's energy flows freely to enable you to feel more energized, enjoy peace of mind, align with your true purpose, have more confidence, attract the right people, make positive decisions and possibly overcome some health issues. (This practice is not intended nor does it imply to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.)  

We will work on one Chakra per session.  There is no specific order in which they need to be activated. YOU choose where to start, OR we can have a discussion to decide where to begin. I recommend 2 weeks between each activation.

Chakra Opening and Balancing

How we spend our days, the environments we live in, the energies we are subjected to, the conversations and situations we have to navigate all impact us physically and energetically-mind, body, and soul.

As a result, the energetic wheels (Chakras) of our body can break, become clogged, or thrown off-kilter.

It is important to keep our energy wheels clear and aligned. Thankfully, there are rituals that can help us navigate our day, to keep our energy levels open and balanced.


Through meditation, this ritual will provide you the ability to open, balance, and restore your entire energy body.

Please have paper and pen available for this session. Once the meditation is finished, you may want to jot down any observations, visualizations, or feelings that might come up.

Chakra Visualizations

Chakra energy interpenetrates with the physical body and feeds into the “Central Column”.


During a Chakra Visualization session, we will practice rituals and exercises that will enhance your ability to become familiar with your “Central Column". Through breathwork and meditation, we will visualize how to locate each Chakra and determine which one(s) needs extra attention, or to be cleared and balanced.


This is an interactive session. For this session, please have available paper and crayons or colored pens that coordinate with the color that represents each Chakra. (Chakra colors: red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, indigo and violet.

The Seven Main Chakras

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