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Crystals, Gems and Stones

The words Crystals, Gems and Stones are interchangeable. Each are powerful healing tools that can be used to enhance our own Spiritual energy.

Crystals can have a healing effect on our physcial, emotional and spiritual lives. But, did you know that they can help with our financial health, in our romantic lives and assist with better sleep? Crystals amplifly our healing power and assist us in living a more joyful and peaceful life.

On this resource page you will find information on the many types of crystals, their uses, healing properties, astrological signs and their history.

Our goal is to increase awareness of the power and gifts that are held within these beautiful "Gems".  They have many messages for us, if we choose to listen.

We hope you enjoy this Resource page and find it useful and informative.

Crystal Blogs

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