Oracle Card Readings

What are oracle cards and how are they used? Oracle cards are a tool that connects the reader to Spirit. Many people compare them to tarot and, while both of them will offer an interpretation of possible future outcomes, oracle cards are more fluid in their interpretations. Tarot is based on a very strict set of 72 cards with specific spreads depending on what the person getting the reading is looking for. With oracle cards the decks theme, number of cards and look will vary greatly. Using oracle cards for each reader relies more on intuition and what feels right to the reader.  

During an oracle card reading, the cards give a general interpretation of where the possibilities are for your life as things are currently going. The good news is the cards can also help you to see where you might change direction, or continue, depending on what it is you are looking for. 

What to expect from an oracle card reading:


  • Discussion to get clarity on what the client would like to get from the session and how to focus the question to get the best possible outcome.

  • A brief meditation to connect with Spirit guides, angels, etc. 

  • Card reading with interpretation of the cards

  • Closing meditation to thank Spirit. 


  • 30 minutes  $30

  • 1 hour           $50

Readings by: Barbara Denson