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3 simple steps to Gratitude

I have been on the Spiritual path for a while and one time during a service at the synagogue I used to attend I started thinking about gratitude and how it applies to how we interact with the divine. If I remember correctly the rabbi was speaking about offering thanks to God as a way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

My question at the time was “why would God need thanks from us?” After all, this is an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful entity that would be able to get along perfectly well without me whether I give thanks or not. And getting mad at me for not giving thanks seems to be on par with getting mad at a young child for not knowing better how to behave.

But then it occurred to me, in fact I suddenly had a knowing, that the thanks I was offering was not for God but for me! Gratitude is a tool intended to raise our vibration

and see the wealth of what we have been provided with and to see joy in what we have.

So I decided to sit down to channel and ask my spiritual team about Gratitude and they did not disappoint so I am sharing their wisdom with you.

Gratitude is always a good place to start when you want to get going. Gratitude is the way to go when you want to push forward in life and get to the next place. It’s gratitude that keeps you grounded and in the present. It’s gratitude that brings up your vibration and let’s you know that everything is perfect just the way it is and if nothing changes it will be okay. And if everything changes you will be grateful for that as well.

Giving yourself over to gratitude is giving in to the Universe by raising your vibration. It’s the vibration of trust in everything knowing that everything is always as it should be. Give us over to the “Light Side” as opposed to the proverbial “Dark Side” so that you can sit in the presence of God and the Universe knowing that you are protected and loved. Knowing that you are in the presence of Source and all is right in front of you.

If you give over to gratitude before you do anything in life it will go smoother with you. It’s the old 1, 2, 3 punch of the Universe:

  1. Give us your love and we will return it 10-fold. Giving thanks is not for God to be appeased. It’s not for a jealous being who needs to be served and knows that without it you will be punished. It’s so that YOU can feel that gratitude for all that is Spirit’s and all that you have and all that you will be provided. It’s to raise your vibration to the next level and with that raised vibration you can see, hear and feel us more easily. It’s the vibration that is closer to that of the original creation of the Universe and the one that is transpired by the Angels and all heavenly beings. That is the reason to start thanking the Universe for whatever it is you have. You have a knowing that it’s all right here. Lower vibes are the Ego. Raised vibes are the Soul.

  2. Give us your faith and we will never let you down. In giving gratitude for what we will help you with you do it knowing that you will be provided with whatever it is that you need. Not only that but you will understand that if you are just grateful and put out there what you envision and then trust Us to provide it to you we will provide that which is your heart's’ desire and then some! We appreciate your trust in the complete understanding that as humans with egos it’s difficult to completely trust that which is unknown, unseen, unheard and normally not part of the five senses you learned about as children but, fear not, with practice it will be like riding a bicycle. Once you’ve learned, even if you fall occasionally, you will be able to get right back on because learning to work with Us in Spirit is what you were born to do. Mainly because you are Spirit in a different and unique form. No ifs, ands or buts about it! We are the same, you and I, just different forms and vibrations but all made up of the same divine materials!!!

  3. Give us your gratitude again for what you receive. Is there a pattern here? It’s to always be grateful for everything, past, present and future. The higher the vibe the faster the manifestation of whatever you desire. And it continues from here on in because in giving gratitude for what you receive you raise your vibration and thus allow more of whatever you desire and deserve to come to you whether it be people, relationships, homes, material goods, money or just peace of mind and understanding of yourself. It’s all there and being grateful is the key to everything.

This is a simple and easy process and not only can everyone do it they do all the time. The difference here is the difference between doing it consciously or unconsciously. It’s the difference between allowing and trying to control everything. You can allow whatever happens and fear for the future but the lower vibration often brings more of the same.

Have you ever worried about bad things happening to you and you worry that the family “curse” is something you carry with you? If that is the story you pursue some form of it will happen because that is what you are wishing for whether you believe it or not. It’s all a story from beginning to end. We are in a loop of creativity in the Universe and you are all the writers. It’s up to you to write a happy ending or a sad ending. Give yourself a moment to breath and take that time to love what is around you and the opportunities they present or to give yourself up to what you fear and allow that to wash over you.

We are love everlasting and we wish for you everything you desire. Just think about that for a moment and let it sink in properly! WE WISH FOR YOU EVERYTHING THAT YOU DESIRE!!! And what you desire we are here to provide for you even if that’s not in your highest good at the moment. Gratitude and joy will lift that up. How often have you met someone with very little but they exude joy and gratitude because they are grateful for what they do have. Have often have you heard of those with all the material goods they could use, and ,but who are constantly guided to get more even to the detriment of others because deep down they fear loss and often feel the need to have material things around them because they are not happy individuals and don’t understand that they are worthy with or without any of it?

Give us your gratitude and the world will open up to new horizons. Just allow what you need to flow to you and flow it will! Give us your soul's desire and we will fulfill every dream you ever had. We are your genies in a bottle and love granting wishes!

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