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A Channeled Message of Love

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

While I was meditating one evening I received profound messages of love from Mother Mary and Jesus. I was guided to share this message with the world.

Below are descriptions of the images received during this journey and the message I was asked to share.

As I walk through the woods I come upon a guide. This guide is a tall male energy with a flowing white gown. This beautiful guide says to me "we must learn to love. In order to love you must learn to love yourself."

We walk on this beautiful path and this path is the path of love. There are many trees and flowers in all different colors. Some of the trees have pink crystals. There is a babbling brook that sings love songs.

As I walk with this guide he says we must learn to love from the pureness of our heart like God. He embraces me and connects his heart to mine. I can feel his lovely pink heart. He says this is the color of pure love. I thank him and bow to him and ask him his name. I listen and he says his name is Brendan. ”Come with me for I will take you on this journey”.

As we walk, we come upon a river flowing softly. It is extremely peaceful as we walk holding hands down the path. It is a long journey. At the end of the path we come upon the Ocean of Love and we walk in the sand together. He looks at me and says “we have reached our destination”.

He brings me to Mother Mary. She steps towards me and says “I am here to teach you of pure love Dear Heart. You are here to spread the word of love. You are blessed. I am here for you and always have been. I am going to bring you on this journey that will bring you wisdom that we need to teach the world.”

She holds my hand and she brings me to Jesus. He holds his arms out to me and hugs me.

"Dear child, we must spread the news to the world in this time of unrest. You must bring people together and teach them that we are all Divine. We all come from God. This truth means we are all one. This experience that we are having is to raise the consciousness of the world. You are here to teach many that no matter what color, religion or country you come from you all have a soul connection. When you gaze into another’s eyes with love. You are looking into the eyes of your Creator. This will create a spiritual awakening that will spread throughout the world one person at a time. You will touch hearts that have little light by sharing your love, light and wisdom. As you do this each soul will touch another and another ‘til we have a circle of love. This will create unity and peace throughout the world. I ask you to walk this path to assist in the ascension. I am here for you always beloved. Trust in your wisdom. Know you have the strength and wisdom to serve humanity and bring peace in this time of unrest. You are never alone. Many have come to the earth to bring us to a place of love. Blessings my beloved.”

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