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Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is one of the four main Archangels, the first three being Michael, Raphael and Gabriel and Uriel is sometimes included in the Western churches festival holiday, Michaelmas (“Michael’s Mass”) on September 29. However, in the Eastern Orthodox churches, Uriel is celebrated with the Archangels in a feast day called the "Synaxis of the Archangel Michael and the Other Bodiless Powers” on November 8.

The name “Uriel” (“Auriel,” “Oriel” or “Uzziel”) from the Hebrew means “God is my Light” or “Fire of God.” Uriel, like other Archangels, is not necessarily named in the Bible, but in the Apocrypha, biblical or related writings, not accepted in the formal Bible Scriptures. Uriel is often identified as a cherub and the Angel of Repentance.

Uriel, along with Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are the four Archangels who protect the four corners of the globe. Uriel is said to protect the south, Gabriel the north, Michael the east, and Raphael the west.

Uriel is known as the “Angel of Wisdom,” “Prince of the Sun,” the “Angel of the Presence,” the “Archangel of Salvation,” and the “Patron of Prophecy,” and more. When you have trouble making a decision, Archangel Uriel can help you with turning to God and making decisions that are for your highest, best good.

In his book Uriel: Communication With the Archangel For Transformation and Tranquility, Richard Webster writes that Uriel will help you discover God's prophecies by using your God-given intuition: "Uriel is the archangel of prophecy and is willing to help you develop your psychic powers and intuitive skills. He can provide insights through visions, dreams, and sudden perceptions. Once he knows that you are interested in developing these talents, he will provide regular, ongoing assistance."

Archangel Uriel’s color is ruby red and his symbol is an open hand holding a flame, which he offers as the ‘Flame of Love’ towards all souls. It is the master of the red Angel light ray that represents service and help towards the needy. One of the common symbols of Uriel’s presence is when the ruby-red light moves to purple and has gold swirling around it revolving continuously.

Message from Archangel Uriel:

“Though I am known by many names, I am generally known as the Angel of Wisdom and here to help you make life-changing decisions with ease. You will know your true higher purpose when it calls you, when it knocks on your door. You will recognize the symbols and make changes without delay. Life is easier when you call on us Angels and Archangels. Though we are strong and mighty, please know that there is no job too small for an Archangel. Blessings.”

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