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Finding Stillness in the Chaos

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

We may be wondering what is wrong with our world these days. We have experienced so much in the last year plus. Though it seems as if more events are happening that don’t affect us positively, it is possible that we have experienced these things for many years and are feeling them more as a collective. The outpourings of our emotions are at their height and we often don't know how to deal with them.

Know that you are always as one with God/Goddess, Creator, the Great Spirit, etc. You are never alone. You need not put a cap on your emotions, just let them flow in a safe space. We are often wanting to prove others as wrong and ourselves as right, sort of the "winner" of the "battle." But remind yourselves, what are you battling? Do you really want a war of your own making? Sometimes we create an altercation in full knowledge that we should know better than to engage. It is like an accident happening in slow motion, you can see yourself in the act of hurting another person, antagonizing them and to what end? If you are on a spiritual journey, your growth comes with more awareness and your spiritual team will ask more of you, to "step up" and act as the more aware person, striving to let go of your ego and be present for the other person. There is no need to prove yourself right as basically it is like "winning the battle and losing the war."

Understand that love is the answer, that love, especially partnered with compassion, is the key to harmony, to peace, to stillness. Start right now by sitting quietly with no distractions, then close your eyes and take a few deep breaths from your belly in and out. Do this for a couple of minutes, sit in the silence and be still. You have now achieved “stillness.” Once you can find that stillness, more love begins to flow from your heart, your Guides and Angels, Spiritual Team, etc., surround you and envelop you in healing and love. You are now in a better space to receive messages from them, a sort of state of grace. You may find that your Inner Wisdom starts talking to you, often through thoughts and that this Higher Self begins to steer you into making better decisions, ones that can result in actions and events that are helpful, peaceful, and joyful if you allow them. This Higher Power is always within you.

The Goddess Kuan Yin gives us a message:

"Greetings, Dear Beloveds, I love you very much and I ask that you find the compassion within yourselves to let go the need to be right, especially the need to be correct over a fellow human being. Life is short to hold grudges. You sometimes get one opportunity to say something, but that moment can last forever, and so it can influence the rest of a person's life. If you speak with words of kindness and neutrality, people will remember you. They will realize that you are a person of peace rather than conflict, love and compassion. Remember that love and compassion are the right way of being. I leave you with this knowledge. Love and Blessings, Guan Yin"

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