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Healing Karma

article by Catherine Roig

When energy is aligned to our heart of Source it will bring about love and light. The energy will become distorted if it does not come from a place of love. When the distorted energy is accepted by you through your own Free Will, YOU and only you can heal it. What someone does to you is their Karma---How you react to it is your Karma. It is up to you to accept this responsibility, you will become aware of you and only you, your thoughts, responses and actions. The recipe for healing our Karma is love and forgiveness with no expectations.

Resistance to this acceptance is simply your ego or an aspect part of you that is trying to keep in control. The ego demands to remain in control and will continue to challenge the transition of your Divine self accepting and honoring all that you are, the Divine expression of Source.

The mind seeks to know and understand everything. For many of us, we can’t rest until it does. Connecting to our heart temple is very important in this work because it shifts our knowing, our consciousness so that we are able to see through the connection to our Higher Power. Cleaning the distortion that is carried in our energy bodies that we may carry for many lifetimes is a powerful process. When Karma is healed, your being becomes aligned and you are awakened to the Source within your being. There will no longer be judgement or thought forms that see you as anything other than a vessel for pure light and love AND potentially to see the Divine in all other beings.

To be enlightened is to live in this state of being. This state of BEING will radiate through all of your pathways, energy centers, DNA, spiritual and Divine presence.

The following decree can be used to help you resolve Karmic energies that no longer serve you.:

By Decree of the Universal Law of Love, Grace and Forgiveness, I now release all Vows, Agreements and Contracts that I, any of my souls, soul extensions, aspects, or ancestors have ever made in this lifetime, across all space, time or dimension.

I release all energies, entities, attachments, programs, codes, beliefs, thought forms or judgements that have supported or maintained these vows, agreements and contracts. I call upon Archangel Michael to disconnect all cords of attachment to them. I call on my Guardian Angels to assist me to open the Crown of light above my head, so that all these limitations can easily and gracefully go to the light.

See these things moving off to the light. Give them all up to the Heart of God.

Watch the Angels taking them and lifting them away from you. Feel the freedom and expansion of light within you as they leave. Feel your heart reclaiming the love of Source.

I ask St. Germain to flood all of my energy bodies with the Violet Flame of Angels. May it clean out all limitations to purify and align these energies to their original highest potential.

I call upon Quan Yin to bestow her Grace on us to renew our vibration to allow a fresh start in the here and now without reference to the past.

I call upon all Beings of light and love for complete Karmic absolution.

I ask for all records to be healed and released to God. I ask that all of my souls, soul aspects and extensions, and all ancestral agreements related to these vows and agreements to be healed and released without resistance and denial so that I may return to my true divinity, with centered love.


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