Learning the art of Letting Go

Letting go means being willing to allow life to carry you to a new place, even a deeper more true rendition of self.

How often have you sat and felt that life wasn't going the way you'd planned? How often do you get upset because you've been working hard doing what you are supposed to do but not getting the results you've envisioned? Or, on the flip side, getting what you envisioned but finding out that you're still not happy?

If you're reading this blog it means that you are looking to find a better way. You've probably found that doing more of the same to get better results is not working but you're not sure how to do things differently. I've got a proposal...What if you stop trying so hard and start allowing life to flow? That's right! You can have a happy, fulfilling life and not always be in control of how it happens. In fact, by giving up some of the control and handing it over to the Universe you could be happier, less stressed and find you get more of what you need!

Let me begin by talking about what “letting go” means. There are many definitions but I’ll start with “let go”. According to the dictionary to “let go” is to “let someone/something go 1. allow someone or something to escape or go free. 2. relinquish one's grip on someone or something.”

So how does that translate to you letting go on a deeper, more spiritual level? Letting go on a personal and spiritual level means to let go of what no longer serves you. It means that you are ready to begin the process of doing the hard inner work of taking a look at the things that you have been holding on to and letting it no longer influence your decisions. To truly let go and allow means that you are reaching a deeper understanding of the Universe and trusting that what you need is already there for you. And that letting go and learning to go with the flow means you are open to letting go of control and accepting what is being offered to you as something that is in your highest good.

Obviously I can't speak for anyone other than myself so I'm going to share with you some of my own journey as I am learning to let go. I decided to start by asking about the next step of my evolution. What are the things that I need to let go of? What do I need to get past that is keeping me back?

What I've been getting from Spirit is surprising. Mainly, that by letting go of outcomes, life will flow easier and I will be more in control of my life! Needless to say, it sounds counter-intuitive. so I had to ask the next series of questions to get a better understanding of how this works. Below are questions I asked Spirit and the answers which I thought important to share.

Question: Why is it so hard to let go?

Answer: It’s not so hard to let go when you have the practice. The hard part is letting go of the drama that comes with the holding on. It’s in your best interest to hold on and to let go. Without holding on you’re not fully aware of what it is to let go and the freedom that comes with it. It is in the instant of letting go that the drama finally falls away and you are aware of the freefall and the free will that finally comes at last.

You are also at the mercy of the winds but they are winds of change and the results are greater than the original plan. You are at the rudder of your own plane, your own boat moving with the tides and you are simultaneously given the freedom to just take the wheel to travel in new and interesting directions.

My personal insights to the answer: As human beings living on this planet and reality, let’s be honest, we love drama! If we don’t have drama in our own lives we create it in

books and movies. We love to gossip about other people’s dramas and if war and other things going on in the world isn’t drama then I don’t know what is! We can’t always control what is going on around us but we can learn to control how we think about and respond to it.

Source has given us the free will to create our lives. On a deeper level we have chosen to live the lives we have in order to evolve. So sit quietly and look into the drama in your own life. Pick one thing that you are ready to let go and just observe. How does it look and feel? How did it serve you? Don’t judge it now because that is what you have been doing all along. You have judged yourself and your reactions so stop judging. Everything has a purpose. Just sit and observe and when you’re ready to let it go, thank it for serving you. Send it love and send it on its way. You will now be able to incorporate the lessons without participating in the drama of that particular aspect.

The winds of change will take you to new heights because as you are ready and willing to let things go you will be energetically lighter and freer to fly higher to new adventures.

Question: what is the difference between letting go and going into the flow?

Answer: Letting go is an act of will. It’s allowing yourself to stop doing what you’re doing and change course but it’s not necessarily allowing yourself to flow with the Universal flow. It’s half of that act. You have free will and letting go might mean you’re allowing the Universe to guide you or it could mean that you’re taking a different tact knowing that what’s behind you is done but still trying to control everything that’s coming up next as if you are the one in charge.

My personal insights to the answer: We are very stubborn beings and many of us find it hard to give up “control”. Really letting go is something that is going to take practice. So if you have let go of one situation that didn’t serve you and find yourself in something different that you are also trying to control don’t beat yourself up about it. We are human and new habits are difficult. But, to truly evolve and allow your higher self in, it is essential to really let go in order to make room for other things to flow in our direction.

What I’ve been trying to do is make it a kind of a game. When I find myself worrying about an outcome I am learning to stop and sit with my fears. Then I let go and trust that what I need will come to me. Finally, I sit in anticipation of what will come next like a child waiting to open a gift.

For example, my job is changing in ways that I never imagined. It’s not a bad thing because I am learning things I need to know but, to be honest, I sometimes have no idea what I’m doing and where it’s taking me. So I’ve been learning to go with the flow and just say yes to the changes. Once I’ve gotten myself into this place of acceptance I find that what I need is given to me one step at a time. Sometimes even before I knew I needed it! In fact I keep thinking to myself that it’s too easy and that I should be working harder!!! (Talk about having a hard time letting go of drama!)

Question: What is it that many of us need to learn to let go in order to get into the flow of positive energy?

Answer: You need to learn to let go of the past and simultaneously not worry about the future. You need to learn to let go of always doing and sometimes let yourself just “be”. You need to learn to let go of worrying about all that you need to do and just do one thing at a time and focus on doing it to the best of your ability. You need to have confidence in your abilities and allow that you are the teacher and mentor we know that you are and to have confidence in allowing us to guide you to your destiny which, by the way, is of your own choosing!

You accept the past by accepting the past. There’s nothing you can do to change it. What you can change is how you behave in the here and now. There is no such thing as the past and no such thing as the future. There is just the present with different perspectives. Where you look is what is happening at this moment. If you look towards the past you will react in the present in a certain way...with guilt, regret, shame, remorse, longing or whatever else you are feeling.

If you look towards the future you will react in the present in a certain way...with fear, anxiety, nervousness and not pay attention to what is going on now. The future becomes more important than the present and you lose the time to accept your presence in the present.

If you look at the current moment, you have all the time in the world. The past is gone. Keep the memories and the lessons and move forward. The future is not yet here. Look forward to plan and take the next steps then allow the flow to take you in the direction that is best for you so the fear is not necessary.

By being in the present moment you can take care of what is. The rest will take care of itself. Do it with love. Do it with ethics. Do it with whatever is the best you have to offer. Do it with a sense of humor because you are still human making human “mistakes” and that’s all part of the plan and it’s all okay. It’s all baby steps, ALL OF IT! Use your time wisely and it will all be okay.

My personal insight: Being present in the moment is key to letting go. We have only one reality and we are living it in the moment we are in. The past and the future don’t really exist except as memories or projections so learning to be present and focus mainly on the current moment is vital.

Letting go is also keeping in mind that “mistakes” will happen. Going with the flow is not always easy and doesn’t always feel natural so remember that you will need to take it one step at a time. Baby steps make things easier to keep you in the present. Stay focused and keep going one step at a time. It’s all going to be okay!