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Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Recently, I have been getting more and more messages about the importance of grounding for everyone. We are at a point of our evolution that people are waking up and realizing what their true nature is which is both physical and Spirit. Since we are always connected to the Universe and Source often what happens is when people go into deep meditation they find themselves so lost in the realm of Spirit that it is difficult to come back down to "normal" life and function at the most, or just reconnect and move on at the least.

But the reality is that we are both and, ideally, in order to function at our highest level it's important to be grounded at all times even when in deep meditation or prayer. I asked Spirit and my team to explain to me the importance of grounding. The message below is their answer:

Grounding is a form of getting in touch with your roots. It is the effort of reaching deep into the ground and touching that which you are made of which is the Earth and all it embodies.

The Earth is the physical, living, nurturing self made whole that gives birth to all life on this planet. It is holy and sacred, formed into a perfect sphere to represent the wholeness of the Universe. There is nothing linear in all of God’s creation and the sphere is the three dimensional representation of all that life contains.

The Earth took form billions of years ago as a thought form from the Universe. As it cooled and formed into a solid whole all that would spring from it began in the form of warm little droplets of rain so powerful together (like all of you when joining forces.) that it hollowed out canyons, formed rivers and oceans and started life in its simplest form.

Slowly but surely more complicated life evolved until you were born. The humans with self awareness, curious to see and understand all that is around them but humble enough to forget their true sacred beginnings as particles of God and the Universe in order to allow yourselves the experience of self awareness.

This is the secret of grounding yourselves. It is actually essential to your development in your spirituality because the Earth is the physical manifestation of all that is sacred in Spirit, but you are both Physical and Spiritual. Solid and Spirit. So grounding allows you to touch that part of yourself and reconnect with your real roots to remember who you are. There is no difference between Spirit and Earth but density and you, My Child, are a part of both worlds. Connecting with me, Mother Earth, helps you to connect with your True Self in Spirit.

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