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Opal and Pink Tourmaline


The Opal’s colors are created by microscopic water drops within the stone. They are unique in it’s patterns. Each Opal is distinctly individual and are the most delicate of all gemstones.

Pink Tourmaline is rare and can have clarity as transparent as diamonds.


Prior to 1952, Opal was considered the traditional birthstone for the month of October. In 1952, the National Association of Jewelers decided to create a list of accepted stones or gems for each month. Over the years, the list was tweaked to reflect changes in styles and availability. There were questions about the durability of the Opal, so, more recently the association decided to add Pink Tourmaline as an accepted birthstone for October.

Pliny the Elder described Opal as “the soft fire of the Carbuncle. The shimmering purple of the amethyst, the beautiful sea green of the emerald, the golden yellow of topaz and the deep blue of the sapphire. All colors sparkle together in a wonderful play of colors.”

In mythology, the gods saw it as the embodiment of the beauty of all precious stones. Opals were said to contain the tears shed by Zeus after his victory over the Titans. In antiquity, it is believed that the Pink Tourmaline stone glowed because of its own energy. The stone becomes electrostatically charged when rubbed.


Opal is linked to Libra, Pisces and Cancer.

Pink Tourmaline is linked to Libra, Capricorn and Scorpio.


Haniel, Metatron and Uriel are represented by Opal.

Chamuel and Jophiel are represented by Pink Tourmaline.

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Healing Properties

Opal-Linked to the heart, stomach and digestion, Opal stimulates and regulates the acids and enzymes in the metabolism. In meditation, Opal is one of the most powerful stones for the soul. It is beneficial to the psyche and restores inner harmony. Harmony is the essence of this stone because of its ability to balance all levels of the being.

Pink Tourmaline-As a feminine balancing stone, this crystal helps in accepting devotion and receiving universal gifts. It alleviates pain, strengths the immune system and protects the nerve cells.

Metaphysical Components

Opal is the symbol of eternal hope, but at times its iridescence is seen as a presage of bad luck and witchcraft.

Pink Tourmaline symbolizes wealth, friendship and love.


The crown chakra is receptive to the energy of the Opal.

Pink Tourmaline works with the heart chakra.

Opal Message

“As ever changing as sand shifting on the beach, I’m light reflecting light. I offer you harmony, radiance in all your aspects, and light in the darkness (just as the day cycles from sunlight to moonlight) in order to create the perfect alignment of thought and action. Will you accept this gift? Emotions intensify with me, for I see your passion and enhance the releasement of lingering patterns. My activation dissipates karmic ties and produces the desire to let go of old wounds. As you claim the Divine power within, so shall your life reflect light and embrace the tender strength of true love. Begin with self-acceptance and patience in order to harmonize the embodiment of male and female within us all."

Pink Tourmaline message

“Call on me when you're searching for love, for I open your heart to free expression and feeling, relieve past wounds, and release that which holds you bound to old patterns. In my presence, you discover a contagious sense of exhilaration.”

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