Updated: Jun 24, 2021

According to the Crystal Charts, the Pearl is the stone for those born in the month of June. It is also the gem for the 3rd and 30th anniversaries.

A hard, glistening object produced by oysters or other living shelled mollusk, they belong to the marine animal kingdom. Most people consider them precious gemstones.

Ideally. the pearl is perfectly round and smooth, but many other shapes, known as baroque pearls can occur.

Mostly, pearls are luminous white, cream or gray-black. Less often they can be found in shades of silver, gold, green, blue, pink, brown, red, purple or orange.

The most popular pearls occur in the wild but they are extemely rare.


Precious pearl jewelry, much loved by kings, emperors, tsars, maharajahs and princes as far back as 4 thousand years ago, can still be admired in museums around the world. It is said that Cleopatra served wine with gound pearls in it to her more important guests. The Bible says, "The price of wisdom is above pearls". And, Lucifer is said to have broken his teeth because of his craving for pearls.


The pearl is the Symbol for Archangel Haniel

Healing Properties

The pearl has always been a symbol of woman's perfect beauty. It is a symbol of integrity, purity and grace. It acts as a special conduit to the heavens and works especially well with colored stones.

Drinking pearl water regularly over a period of time stablizes the production of hormones. Pearls reduce allergies and when worn directly on the skin can alleviate or completely cure headaches and migraines. Psychologically, pearls promote wisdom and contententment well into old age.

Metaphysical Component

A Pearl necklace is believed to warn sensitive people of iminent disaster.

How to Care for your Pearls

Pearls should be worn on the skin and not allowed to come in contact with perfume or make-up. Without regular contact with skin, they become dull. When not being worn, they should not be stored in a dark place (like a drawer). Pearls must be discharged overnight in the salt sea water and recharged in an Oyster shell.


(from Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.)

"Although at first I'm an irritant within the very core of a being, I emerge as a pristine image of beauty and transcendence. Isn't it so in your life? Once the cause of grave pain, a problem can give birth to new persepctive or more refined self if you know that you can choose to reach acceptance and compassion by choice. How do you choose to live: with intensity, commitment and love? If so, then wear me as a symbol of self-awareness, for I'm an infusion of Divine connection through water, and I symbolize emotional growth and readiness."

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