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Updated: Sep 29, 2021


The word Ruby is derived from the Latin word “Rubeus” which means red.

Ruby, the good luck stone of love, encourages sensitivity in relationships, and is known as “divine love” in crystal form. It is said that Ruby combines sensual love and spiritual love, otherwise known as “Eros”.

In the middle ages, Ruby was used as protection from the plaque. If the stone suddenly appeared darker in color, the person wearing it would leave home to protect themself from infection. They would not return home until the stone’s color became light again.

Romans referred to it as “a flower among stones”

Greeks nicknamed the Ruby, “the mother of all gemstones” because of it’s beauty.


Rubies and Sapphires are the same in composition, but what separates the two is the

color. Rubies contain chromium, which gives them their signature red color. They can also be found in a variety of reds, blush pinks, bright crimsons, dark red-browns and maroons.

When you see a ruby that has a “star” marking, it is known as a Star Ruby.


Despite the summer heat of July, it is the time for outdoor fun, so it makes sense that July’s birthstone is the blazing red Ruby.

Ruby symbolizes good fortune, health and invigoration, confidence and integrity.

Those born in July have some distinctive qualities and traits that make them special

Generally they are optimistic, charming, generous, highly emotional, focused, confident and elegant.

If you are reading this and you're expecting a baby in July (I have two July babies!), you are sure to find some of these traits in them. And, with their personalities you have nothing to worry about, they will do just fine!


The strength of the Ruby is the stone that represents Archangel Jophiel and Archangel Michael.

Healing Properties

Ruby strengthens love and promotes sexual energy. It strengthens the body’s immune

system against infectious diseases, fortifies the heart and circulation, fights low blood pressure and helps cure eye infections.

Ruby is the good luck stone of love, encouraging sensitivity in all relationships.

Metaphysical Components

Ruby or garnet is thought to have been legendary in forming the Ruby Bowl of the Holy Grail, containing a few drops of the blood of Christ.

Red Ruby symbolizes love and passion and is associated with vitality and strong feelings.


Rubies work best on the root and heart chakras.


(taken from the book “Crystal Therapy” by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.)

“I call to those willing to walk in the fire of action and self-awareness: Rise up and come unto me, for the lifeblood of creativity and breath of purposeful movement pulsate within both of us. Act with intention and watch the world open as you share your light. I’m energy personified, one of the royal clan who lay upon the ancient breastplate of activation. Ask me to show you the direction of your agreement, then sit with me in reflection to feel the knowing clarity of purpose wash over you. Join me in embracing the power of potential realized. We exist in a continuum, never alone, so reach for me as you prepare yourself and invite truth to reign.”

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