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The Past and Moving Forward

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

by Liz Marcus

Channeled through me after the New Moon, July 1 2020

I asked my Spiritual Team what topic they wanted to talk about and it ended up being about The Past and how to move forward. I can relate to this because when my Mom died a few years ago and then my Dad passed away unexpectedly a year later, I was so filled with grief and then stuck for years, just feeling immobilized. I did seek professional help for coping with the loss of my parents in addition to talking to my Angels and Spiritual Team, who helped me a great deal.

This is the message I received from my Spiritual Team:

“We cling to our past because we are afraid. We are afraid to take steps to better ourselves, to think what others might think of us. We reflect on our past failures and want to recoup them. We know that lingering in the past too much is harmful, harmful to our psyche and just keeps us stuck. Time and time again we fall into these patterns, of wishing we were moving ahead, trying a little baby step, actually moving forward a little and falling back when the going gets too hard. It takes work and discomfort to make some progress. We settle on our laurels for awhile and then “forget” that we need to move ahead. True, sometimes it is the time of year, the moon cycles and the seasons that affect us and let us know that it is time to go within, to not do any new projects, but to conserve our energy, be in Spirit more and become inspired. This is not one of those times.

We talk about being stuck in the past, sometimes during times of grief that cause us to retreat into our memories, hoping for a safe space, an almost returning to the womb. We almost wish we were back as children,if that were a happy time for us, to let others take care of us and not have to make any decisions. To just sit there and bask in the love we knew as children. For those of us for which it was not a happy time, we could be paralyzed by fear and not wish to move forward, for fear things could become worse than they are. If we stay where we are, things can’t get any worse, we think. We know deep down this is unhealthy for us. All we know is our body and how it feels. We do not often tap into what our soul wants. It would be wise for us to do so, to develop a practice or routine on just asking yourself -- “Today, what does my soul want? What does my soul want to do?” and perhaps -- “What do I want out of life? What will make me content, just for today?” See how this feels in your body. We feel it is always a good idea to ask for help, especially if you are feeling vulnerable. Ask your Spiritual Team, your Angels, God, Goddess, Spirit or Source, for help, for your highest best good. Blessed be.”

I would like to add that if you feel you need to talk to someone - a friend, a counselor, clergy, a therapist, for example, then do so. Sometimes we need to discuss what is going on with ourselves with someone else, as it is not always easy to sit with ourselves. Blessings.

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