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The transformational connection to your Higher Self

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

I've been at the whole spiritual searching thing for 40-plus years starting at around age 13 when I felt drawn to search for something bigger than myself. Over time I've explored life-after-death, angels, Reiki, channeling and a number of other spiritual topics. But, what if that something that I was searching for that was bigger than myself is actually my Higher Self?!

You are more powerful than you think, thanks to your Higher Self.

So what is the Higher Self? We are multidimensional beings. The part you are most aware of is the aspect of who you are as a physical being that is shaped by your physical experiences in this particular lifetime. It is the part of you that doesn't consciously remember your purpose of being here and so you are free to experience physicality with all of its ups and downs. That is a good thing. That is why you are here. No experience is "good" or "bad", it's simply an experience to help you expand your consciousness and the consciousness of the Universe. (I will explain more about this further on.)

Your Higher Self is an expansion of YOU. This is where the multidimensional thing comes into play. Ever feel that twinge of "intuition" or déjà vu? You suddenly know something and you know you're right. Or you hear your own voice in your head? That is the Higher Self communicating with your Physical Self. It sounds like a cliché but the truth is we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. But, only a small part of you is physical. The rest of you has never left "home" or the realm of spirit. That part of you is always connected to Source/Universal Intelligence/God/Spirit or whatever you want to call it. ("A rose by any other name still smells as sweet")

In addition, each one of us has a Spiritual Team of angels, ascended masters, spirit

guides, etc. who are with us at all times to guide us when we give them permission to do so. You and your Higher Self are part of that team!!! By connecting regularly with your Higher Self you are expanding your awareness beyond the physical. Your intuition is sharpened, your awareness of what's around you expands. Your ability to connect with your angels and guides is strengthened. You are powerful because you are an energetic, spiritual being that is equal to any spirit guide on your team!!!

Why should you strengthen your connection to your Higher Self?

Your direct connection to Source/Universal Intelligence and your Spirit Team

Your team is always trying to communicate with you but often it's not heard because we are too involved in the physical realm and our everyday life. Your Higher Self is constantly talking with your Spirit Guides and other spiritual and energetic beings that surround us at all times. If this were an office think of it as one life-long conference meeting of senior staff members whose sole/soul purpose is to guide you to be the highest vibrational version of your Self that you can be. Now that you are aware of the fact that you are a member of that "senior staff" you can take a more active role in moving forward with the help of your other team members.

A better understanding of who you are and why you're here...your purpose in being here.

There's a sense of wholeness in integrating the parts of you that haven't been consciously connected in eons. With the help of your team you start to get a grasp of the bigger picture to understanding what your purpose is in coming here. It's not the cycle of birth and death with the middle filled with endless tasks to survive and (fingers crossed) "getting ahead". There's nothing wrong with those things. In fact, no matter how spiritual we all become we still need to pay the bills and feed ourselves. But what if your purpose is to spread kindness, a sense of peace to others? What if your purpose was partially fulfilled by publishing that poem or song that helped to uplift someone who needed it?

Your Higher Self and Team remember what your purpose is for your Physical Self. That is why they are surrounding and guiding you at all times. When you are able to tune into your Higher Self the Team can help push you to your true purpose. Believe it or not it might not mean a change in job, where you live, etc. but it would mean a spiritual awakening where you start to see your life from a different perspective. You understand what is something that is helpful in your evolution as a spiritual being and what is a little extra drama that has been placed in your path by YOU as a distraction until you are ready to let it go.

Expand your consciousness and the consciousness of the Universe.

Talk about a higher purpose! Most of our spiritual team has never incarnated into a physical presence so they don't completely get why we do what we do and what our experiences are. They see the Universe from a place of light and love. (Groovy!) But, to really get the big picture in order for the Universe, and all of everything it includes to expand and evolve, there has to be the experiences of the physical realm. You can't really appreciate warmth without the cold, light without the darkness and love without the absence of love. And that's where our physical selves come in. To experience all the things that are not Love and everything in between.

We are the bridge between the physical realms (body) and the spiritual realms (Higher Self). Part of our reason to exist is simply to experience physical life! With those experiences we start to evolve. When we evolve the higher realms are affected and the Universe begins to evolve into the next highest form of itself as well! The Higher Self is extremely important because it understands everything about the spiritual/universal consciousness because it never left. Simultaneously, it understands the experiences of the physical realm because it's connected to you! That's what makes you powerful. No matter what you do you are contributing to the evolution and expansion of Consciousness of the Universe.

We are powerful beings of light that are consciously evolving. The question is, do we do it unconsciously and continue to just react to what life throws at us or consciously, working with our Higher Self?

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