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The True Power of Grounding

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

As we are in the process of ascending at this time we are reminded of the importance of being grounded as we practice our meditations and spiritual connections to the Universe and our guides. This might seem an oxymoron to the person looking to reach and connect with the higher dimensions, but the reality is, we are spiritual beings with bodies in the third dimension and so it is vitally important to practice grounding in order to find balance and create that foundation that will allow you to move forward in your Spiritual journey. Let me explain:

I vaguely remember hearing a story that comes from Buddhist tradition about a young man looking to find a wise monk who had reached enlightenment. When he finally met the man he was seeking, the monk was water carrying up the mountain. When the young man asked why such a wise man would have to do such work the answer was simply, before enlightenment one must carry water up the mountain, after enlightenment one must carry water up the mountain.​

In other words, we are still required as human beings in the physical realm to remain here and take care of our physical needs. I believe what is in the best interest of the planet, is for those of us who are striving to raise our vibration to be that bridge that brings up the planet and helps everyone and everything around us to come up with us as they are ready. We cannot stand on top of the mountain and look down with a bullhorn shouting at everyone to “come on up, the weather’s fine. “ We need to be down there, where everyone else is and show them the way by modeling what it is to be spiritual and part of this world at the same time.

Another image that keeps coming to mind as an illustration is from when I was a young girl and I would visit my grandparents in midtown Manhattan. Often when my brother and I stayed with them they would take us over to the Central Park Zoo and play in the park. At the time there would be someone there with a cart selling helium balloons and

our grandparents would buy us each one. But, of course, what happens to a balloon held by a small child? It is often let go and all we could do was watch it fly away (and maybe cry a bit over our loss!). So our grandparents, being the wise people they were, would tie the balloons to our wrists so they would not fly away until we got back to their apartment.

Grounding is much the same way. If we just go into meditation seeking connection with Spirit without that grounding, we will float away and the end result is that we are not focused. We become flakey and disconnected to our surroundings. With grounding we can keep that connection to the planet and still soar into the higher realms. The act of grounding actually allows us to move around in that elevated state much like when I was a child walking around with my balloon tied to my wrist without losing it. The balloon could float happily along, way above my head and I could easily walk without having to focus on keeping it tightly in my hand. We became one being that was both grounded and elevated simultaneously.

To ground yourself is a simple meditation that works as a permanent anchor once you’ve established the connection. What has worked for me is the simple image of a tree.

  • Sit and see yourself as that tree and take in a few deep, slow breaths, hold a few seconds and breath out through your mouth with a sigh. Do that a few times until you feel settled.

  • Hold that space in silence while you ask your team of guides, angels, ascended masters, God/Spirit, your Higher Power or whatever works for you to surround you with white light and allow whatever is in your highest good so that only the highest form of energy is around you.

  • Take in another deep breath squeezing from your base chakra at the bottom of your spine and feel the breath pull up energy from the ground up into your crown chakra at the top of your head or above and hold it.

  • Let out the breath with a sigh and feel Universal Energy flow down through you, out the bottoms of your feet and into the ground; deep into the ground as a giant root.

  • Feel that root. Use your imagination to really picture it. What color is it? How does it feel? Can you feel the soil around you? Can you feel the life that is in the soil? Can you feel the energy in the soil?

  • Once you have really felt that root, take in another deep breath pulling the energy up all the way to your crown chakra or above and hold again. When you release, you will pull the energy again from the Universe down through your feet into the soil but this time you see a more extensive set of roots spreading out into the soil anchoring you further into the ground.

  • Picture how these roots feel. Feel how you are now solidly rooted to the ground. Feel the energy moving up and down the roots.

  • Do the breathing exercise again, but this time when you feel the energy moving into the ground, feel it as energetic roots reaching through the soil and connecting with Mother Earth, all the creatures and energies there. Picture those energetic roots finding others who are also grounding in the soil and combining the energy you are sending out with the energy of others who are doing the same.

I have found that as I have done this exercise, I am more connected to Source. As I do this, not only do I remain grounded, but when I do my meditations I do not have to reconnect to my body because I’m not leaving my body. Instead, I can now allow my energetic self to expand into the higher realms while I remain aware and grounded. This allows me to be able to remain connected to the higher realms as I move through my day “fetching water.”

We are souls in a body, but we never really left the Spiritual Realm. As we move through this time and space and ascend or expand we become more than the sum of our parts. We are not bodies without souls or souls without bodies. We are both and, in the highest sense, by grounding and combining the two we are able to transcend and become truly whole and holy.

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