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Topaz, the birthstone for those born in November is translucent and is found in a range of several colors; white, blue, pink, yellowish and orange. They can be considered a “family” in their own right. White or silver topaz is an aluminum-fluoride-silicon compound. The different colors are a result of the various metals that are in each stone.


The word Topaz is derived from the word topazos which in Arabic means “found” or tapas, which in Indian is “fire”. There is no question that topaz is an ancient healing stone. It is linked to Jupiter and is considered a symbol of the amount of power and wisdom of its wearer. According to the Bible, topaz is one of the protective stones of New Jerusalem. In Mexico, conflicts of truth are often settled according to the depth of color of the stone. The stone would become slightly darker.


Known as the birthstone for those born in November, gold topaz is linked to Virgo, pink topaz to Leo and blue topaz to Aquarius.


Chamuel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Michael and Raziel are all represented by this gemstone.

Healing Properties

Topaz strengthens the nerves with its powerful energy, it vibrates at a high level bringing information and healing at an accelerated rate to those with open hearts. Topaz stimulates the metabolism and digestion, heightening the taste buds. It staunches the flow of blood, promotes relaxation and eases tension.

Metaphysical Components

Topaz symbolizes the joy of life. Those who wear it will find joy in the Universe, themselves and they will begin a path of self-realization.


Gold Topaz is effective on the Naval and Sacral Chakras, White Topaz works well on all the Chakras, Blue Topaz works on the Throat Chakra.

A Message from Topaz

(from the book “Crystal Therapy” by Doreen Virtue, PH.D. and Judith Lukomski)

“In blissful unification, my clan steps forward to share our story. We’ve traveled through the annals of history and precious gifts between lovers, royal adornments, talismans, and healing tools, and our time is here once again. We welcome the opportunity to perform in partnership with you, escalating the planetary vibration through our personal interactions.”

Some information was taken from the book “Healing Crystals and Gemstones” by Dr, Flora Peschek-Bohmer and Gisela Schreiber

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