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What is Channeling?

Channeling is a form of communication that is used between humans and the heavenly realm. We can channel or receive messages from angels, ascended masters, galactic beings or any other non physical being. Some of us may even be able to receive messages from animals and our pets.

A channeler can also be referred to as a translator . A channeler senses communication and translates it into human words.

As a channeler, you can choose who or what you’d like to channel. And as long as the other party chooses to participate, there is a link that is created and the channeling will begin. In some cases, the channeler may just ask a question with the use of Oracle or Tarot Cards and the appropriate guide will deliver the message. The messages are received at a higher vibration so the channeler will then convert it into human language

Catherine: For me, when I receive a channeled message, it is as if I tap into a different dimension and I receive messages as a knowing or feeling. Other channelers receive actual words or images.

Below is a channeled message from Spirit of how they interpret channeling.

What is channeling? Channeling is the deep and profound connection with Spirit in which you access the deepest recesses of Source for your own benefit. It is the meditations of your mind being made manifest in the physical. It is the connection to Source that comes naturally with time and practice that feels like you’ve had an epiphany when, in reality, you are simply connecting with All that Is and accessing those thoughts and answers that are just there for the taking at any time.

How do you channel? That is the great question of all time and not as difficult as it would seem. It is not necessarily going into a deep trance and coming out with a booming voice not of your own making. It is not losing yourself in the ethers and not knowing what happened though that does happen sometimes.

It is simply sitting quietly with yourself, allowing your mind to slow down and asking Spirit for answers or inspiration. At that moment, stop and sit, listen, feel and sense whatever comes to you and, for each of you, it will take a different route for there is no “right” way to listen.

For some of you it will be in a “knowing”, a picture in your mind or a feeling of what the answer is and you’ll know what’s right from what feels good and kind. As the individual you can and may express that in any form: writing, painting, singing, dancing, building, etc. for what is right for you is why you are here.

For some of you it’s words in the form of voices. You may hear what the answers are. This is clairaudience and it is an ability to psychically hear Spirit, souls or even your own Higher Self if it is your own voice that is in your head.

For some of you it’s seeing. This is the ability to see pictures in your mind and then you can take them and find a way to render them available to others in the form of art, music, dance or other form of physical inspiration.

What we found interesting is that often our answers from Spirit are very similar. What we also have found in our readings is that many other spiritual authors say the same thing in their own way. Every connection we each have with Source/Spirit/God/Goddess/the Universe, or any other name you prefer, is very similar the closer we get to the Universal Truth. And that truth is that we are all connected, that there is nothing else other than Love and that anything you do to another you do to yourself. That in light of the fact that we are all One we ALL need to think deeply about how we are connecting and how better to treat our fellow humans and the planet in general.

We are going through a major shift right now and the faster we are all able to connect to Source the faster this shift will take us all to the next level of our evolution. We don’t have to worship the same, look the same, speak the same language or think exactly the same for we are individuations of Source but we do need to realize that Love doesn’t discriminate so the lesson is to accept everyone where they are, Love thy neighbor and know that the Universe deeply and unequivocally Loves you exactly as you are!

Written by Barbara Denson and Catherine Roig

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