Reiki Treatment

Reiki Healing Session

Reiki brings your busy mind into a deep meditative state.  While in this “magical space”  your body is being restored, rebalanced and brought back into peace and harmony.


After a brief evaluation of your medical history and discussion of any concerns you may have, the healing session will begin.


During this 60 minute session you will remain completely clothed and comfortably lying on a massage table or on a chair, if you prefer. As the healer stays connected to your energy, they will gently touch your body as Reiki energy, otherwise known as Universal Life Force Energy, is channeled through their hands.  A reiki practitioner works with their intuition and a standard set of hand positions to restore your energy field (which is made up of an outer layer called the aura and the 7 main chakras of the body) to a healthy level.


A Reiki session feels like a wonderful, warm radiance that flows through and around the client.

Come experience deep relaxation while you tune into your body and calm your senses.

Grand Opening Cost:       60-minute session  $50


                                              30-minute session  $30


Practitioner: Catherine Roig, RMT